Falcon Full Mac

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Bird of prey

A basic, markdown based note-taking application.

# Key Features:

– Write notes, diaries and examination in markdown (simple to-peruse, simple to-compose plain content arrangement)

– Supports adding pictures to your notes.

– Read notes in spotless and wonderful reviews.

– Organize notes in numerous journals.

– Search notes by title, substance or labels inside note pads.

– Editor-just and Preview-just modes permit to compose and read notes in a diversion free UI.

– Experience the application in two delightful subjects, Light and Dark.

– Sync notes over your Mac, iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch utilizing iCloud Drive.

# Code-Highlighting:

Note-Preview underpins code-highlighting for numerous programming dialects with and without line-numbers.

To utilize code-highlighting encase the code in your notes in


/Write Code here


To include line-numbers with code-highlighting use

“`prettyprint linenums:1

/Write Code here

“`Falcon Full Mac

# schedules:

You can cerate schedules or assignment records utilizing “[ ]” and “[x]” at begin of rundown things,

– [x] Completed Task

– [ ] Incomplete Task

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📁 Download Mirror 1 📁 Download Mirror 2


RIFT for MacRIFT for Mac

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Fracture Move boxes, avoid lasers, get cake! An extraordinary retro baffle stage diversion. You’re a robot whose undertaking is to gather cakes for your starving expert. You are a Robotic Installer + How to