Munin for Mac

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Munin for Mac

Envision you could move mountains – actually! With practical material science, Norse runes, turning stages and a considerable measure of dark cells you’ll help Munin, Odin’s ambassador in her own one of a kind 2D-experience, to recover her energy on a trip through Yggdrasil


Munin the raven, unwavering envoy to Odin, now stands stripped of wings and changed by Loki into a mortal young lady. Flightless and decided, she will walk through the nine universes of Yggdrasil to recover the lost quills and come back to Asgard.

Munin reinforces the conventional side-looking over involvement with the utilization of pivoting situations to outperform hindrances and to unravel baffles. By bending bits of the earth, players will make spans from columns, transform dividers into floors or open new sections.

Munin for Mac

Assist gameplay components, as switches, moving environment or things impact by material science add significantly more profundity to the riddles: by turning the amusement’s reality, stones and garbage will thunder, roll and fall. Fluids like water or magma will stream in like manner and Norse runes will demonstrate the path to the raven’s lost plumes.Munin for Mac

Munin highlights nine astonishing universes, 77 energizing levels and approximately 7 hours of agreeable recess.


  • – Experience the energizing universe of Norse mythology
  • – Spin and move the diversion world’s components to achieve all the lost quills
  • – Solve dubious riddles
  • – 77 testing levels including exceptional universes.
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