Victory At Sea for Mac

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Victory At Sea for Mac

– Winner 2014 TIGA Games Industry Awards “Best Action/Adventure – Small Studio”

Take part in epic RTS fighting crosswise over 3 colossal crusades and in addition other fight modes. Make your own armada of boats, pick your side and go into World War II maritime battle on a worldwide scale.

About the Game

Take part in epic Real Time Strategy fighting over the Atlantic, Pacific and Mediterranean, this is maritime fighting on a worldwide scale.

It is World War II and the age of the battleships has passed and maritime fighting is being commanded via Aircraft Carriers. Submarines chase guards like wolves and the various and agile destroyers lead the seas.

Devastate adversary war vessels, torpedo foe caravans and chase the foe wherever you may discover them.

Progress through the maritime positions from a Captain of a Destroyer to an Admiral of an endless armada. Win decorations for your adventures, and help your picked country accomplish triumph in every crusade.

Arrange your own particular procedure

In Victory At Sea your fate is in your grasp. Once in the battle what you do next is dependent upon you.

  • + Harass foe transportation to keep their ports from key supplies.
  • + Destroy the adversary watches and debilitate their barriers.
  • + Defend your well disposed guards and keep your supply lines open.
  • + Lead a strike drive with landing specialty to catch adversary ports.
  • + Go on undercover operations.
  • + Complete uncommon missions.

With more than 80 classes of ship and many ports there are a huge number of playing alternatives. Will you assemble your armada around the alarming capability of the warships, sneak around with a submarine wolf pack or hope to command the skies with transporters?

Victory At Sea for Mac

A mix of sandbox components and the lethal battle of RTS maritime fighting guarantees an immense number of conceivable outcomes. Back the activity off or speed it up with the time slider, permitting you to charge numerous boats rapidly and adequately amid immense fights. Climate conditions and time of day are additionally main considerations in the diversion. Will it help or hamper you? Battle during the evening can be a serious affair.Victory At Sea for Mac

Other battle Modes

Triumph at Sea likewise offers the opportunity to experience some of World War II’s most well known fights in Historical Battles or make your own particular custom fights from little clashes to epic clashes, looking over Axis or Allied armadas with boats from 6 playable countries to browse.

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